Fluid Boat Layout

WakeCraft Energetic is Completely Fluid Boat Layout with Boxed and Stretched Style

The #1 Watersports Towboat in the World!

Without a doubt, performance is a prime area of focus at original designed WakeCraft Boats since 1969. Whether you wakeboard, surf, ski or just cruise we’ve been there and we know what you are looking for. Our team is staffed with active boating enthusiasts and led by our director of product design who has been on board with us for over 40 years. We apply this knowledge as boat users combined with our understanding of the hulls, underwater gear and powerplants to design the best performing boats in the industry.

Wakeboarders and Wakesurfers love our clean, consistent wakes that deliver the perfect pop every time. Wakesurfers love long, glassy waves on both sides of the hull. Skiers know that the FlightCraft know WakeCraft ZR Ski series tracks better than any boat on the market and has 17 world records to prove it. Our competitors make specific trade-offs to achieve certain performance characteristics, but that is done to cover up glaring weaknesses and because we consistently beat them as the top performing boat. Our boats are not only world class multi - sport tow boats, they are world class when it comes to drivability. And we DO IT! since 1969.

We @ WakeCraft do our boats tests in real lake's (up to 3 times) - hear that our competitors test their boats in a kiddie pool, not wonder WakeCraft only have 0,04 percent warranty claim on on our parts.

Don’t let our competition’s salesmen fool you, The Truth is on the Water!!! 

Contact your local WakeCraft Boats dealership today to learn more about our boats in an on water demo.

We Design and Build Performance Award Boats since 1969, our boats shown in Olympics, World Championship and Nationals all over the World, Moomba Masters in Australia etc., we also pull the first Tournament WaterSki World Record over 65 meter in the early 80's set in the Moomba Master, Melbourrn Australia.

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ZR6/ZR8 Short Cut to video and other media link's below. TIP of the Day! Bigger Window HIT F11


WakeCraft ZR6/ZR8 Probably the Best Crossover Boat in the World - "worth waiting for"


media tube

Wake Level "worth waiting for"
ZR6/ZR8 - "White Board short video intro why us!"

Design Should Never Say ...
Produced by WakeCraft Boats since 1969


Perhaps this kinetic too, so take a look twice please...
WakeCraft Boats since 1969

Lane "Dawg" Bowers
FearFactor SE

Sebastian Roman Barefoot in California
FlightCraft 20 XLT - "worth waiting for, probably the best barefoot boat on earth"

WaterSki Mag.
WaterSki Mag.

2013 U;r Guide to Towing
Some informative TIP to towing U;r boat u;ng or vise...or a Wise Guy :) ...

BBC News

David Small World Record Barefoot Jump of 29.9 m
GO GREEN GO FlightCraft & WakeCraft since 1969

Basic How TO Learn Wake Surfing ...
Produced by WakeCraft Boats since 1969

Design Should Never Say.. *NEW
Produced by WakeCraft Boats since 1969

Virtue WakeSkates... *NEW
Came to life by true riders realizing the need for their own custom wood wakeskates that last!

Virtue WakeSkates Stunts... *NEW
Wake Skater of the Year!

Barefoot Crossing behind Airplane in 4K - Insane!

Robby Naish Rips It in Hawaii... *NEW
Surfer of the History!







  • Hydro Thrust System 4 Easy Wake Setup ( Patent Pending)
  • Zero OFF
  • Genuine Performance Boat Design and Build since 1969
  • Indmar Engine Powers Award Engines
  • Electric Propulsion GO GREEN w/ ReGen
  • ZR8 The NEW Transformer 24 feet + Design & Cross Over Features

  • You feel exited to GO to Florida to learn WakeSkate please see info below for connection and learn wakskate in beutifully West Palm Beach.

    Hey McRoman, Yes check out this link for The Wakeskate Tour it's the biggest/best Competition for Wakeskating over the summer www.thewakeskatetour.com


    In terms of summer camps I offer lessons/camp here at my place in West Palm Beach, FL during the summer with full accomadations.

    Stay, food, lessons, equipment, everything. If you are interested we offer private bookings by the week so let me know.


    Thanks talk soon,

    Jeff Skulnik - Founder
    Virtue Wakeskates LLC

    Call: +1 561 504 5033
    Follow us on Twitter @VIRTUEwakeskate and on Facebook!

    McRoman's @ VIMEO

    The Wakeskate Tour 2014 - Suwannee Pro






    Flexible Engine


    Intelligent performance, smart engineering, custom calibrations and the best warranty in the industry. Choose between the following motors in the Indmar engine lineup: 330HP 5.7 L CAT, 350HP 5.7 L CAT, 410HP 409/L96 6.0L CAT, 450 HP 427/LS3 6.2L CAT or the Supercharged 555HP 572/LSA 6.2L. Talk to your dealer about what you plan to do on the water, and let the right engine and precision machined ACME propeller do all the work.
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    Fluid Layout


    WakeCraft has always been committed to quality and over the past few years we have taken that commitment to quality and ingrained it into the fabric of our culture by putting consistent processes and disciplines in place.
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    Extensive Docs


    Styling isn’t something that we can expect to put into words in order to convince you that we understand. Our expireense we delivery to demanding sport in individual character who knows good and reliable performence true quality and personaly demands an well known brand, more can be told but in the you decide your needs and lifestyle.
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    Less Weight


    Without a doubt, performance is a prime area of focus at WakeCraft. Whether you wakeboard, surf, ski or just cruise we’ve been there and we know what you are looking for. Our team is staffed with active boating enthusiasts and led by our director of performance boats product design David Telling who has been on board with us for over 40 years.
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